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    Baldwin Park Florida

    Family oriented and friendly, Baldwin Park is one of the most popular places to live in Florida. Located near Orlando, it is considered as a residential area that comes with attractions and living conditions that are safe and secure. Orlando has always been known to be a bustling metropolis, and it is only normal for one to find the best residences there.

    Baldwin Park is only three miles away from the downtown area of Orlando, and it has been recognized as an award winning place to live in. The lack of walls and blockages in the surrounding areas makes the place blend more easily into the area. Without such presences, the neighborhood has become a huge favorite for many. Recently, the subdivision was given the Residential Environmental Award for having one of the best nature-loving spaces.

    The site on which Baldwin Park is found on was once a Naval Training Center. With over several acres of land being unused, it was turned to a residential subdivision to what is known today as the Baldwin Park.

    Baldwin Park Village Center

    "One very popular site the area offers is Baldwin Park Village Center, which is a facility that is the major center of activities. With a host of different shops and stores, this is just a walking distance away from most homes. Whether one wants to buy groceries, or got to the salon, the Village Center offers the best amenities for its residents. In fact, the Center is also home to local neighborhood banks and a CVS."

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    "I just moved to Baldwin Park and I love it. So much to do and see and close to downtown."
    From Twitter User: @john3sdsss

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